Light, wind and vibration effects provide an even more intense PC gaming experience.

Marco Boven, alumnus

It’s important that products meet end-users’ needs and wishes.

“After completing my studies I started work as a User & Application Researcher at Philips amBX. I’m working on the market launch of this new ambient technology. It’s important that products meet the needs and wishes of end-users. I have done research into many different aspects of our products, such as users’ preferences for set-ups of amBX peripherals. These are electronic units that create an ‘ambient experience’, for example by using light, wind and vibrations. The great thing is you can see that your results directly affect how the technology develops further.

I travel on average once every two weeks to England for a working visit to the amBX team there. As well as that I’m in constant contact with other Philips departments. They know a lot about both the technology and the user research. The first amBX PC gaming peripherals have now been launched, with light, wind and vibration effects that create an even more intense PC gaming experience.

I’ve been able to make a lot of use of the research methods that I learned while I was studying. Of course knowledge of technology is also important, but in my case this definitely takes second place to the way in which I learned to set up and carry out research. I think anyone who completes this program is sure to find plenty of opportunities on the employment market."