I'm helping technology and users understand each other

Nuria Barriga, student

The quality of eduction is very high

What I like about this program is studying human behavior and implementing that knowledge in technology. For the Brain, Body, and Behavior course, for example, my team is studying phantom limb treatments. The classic mirror box technique is cheap, but limited. A technological approach can make it seem like the patient still has the limb, and doing exercises with that limb provides pain relief. I’m also interested in statistics – it’s important to support your experiments well. The quality of education at TU/e is very high, the facilities are excellent and the environment is very international. I’m intrigued by Dutch culture, and it’s good to share your experiences with local and international people. In the future, I’d like to be an interaction designer – to develop products that are user-friendly, really help people, and add extra value to society.