Computer Science and Engineering: 'Society depends on reliable software'

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Computer Science

The world runs on software nowadays, but sometimes it runs in the wrong direction. Just imagine what could happen if level crossing barriers failed to close in good time or if the power failed as a result of a software fault. Why do so many projects on automation fail, why is it so complicated to design or maintain a large software system? Why are some apps an instant success and others not, what is needed for new web services to emerge? 

Designing software systems

In this major you will learn the basic principles and methods to develop (large) software systems and web services that are reliable, efficient and maintainable. This is something that goes beyond writing computer programs. You will learn how to take the user perspective into account. You will be able to reason about the correctness and efficiency of programs in a scientific way, by using formal mathematical methods. You will know how to develop further the technology and software that underlies the internet.

You will develop knowledge and skills that you can enjoy for the rest of your career and that will therefore not immediately become obsolete whenever a new programming language or development environment is introduced.

In addition to expanding your knowledge and skills, you also learn how to apply all of these in order to solve specific problems. We will teach you how to do this by means of Design-Based Learning, known as the DBL projects. These involve working in a team of fellow students on projects. In the first year you will develop a user-friendly web portal. In the second year you can choose one out of four projects: develop an embedded system, or a brand new app, or an information system or a new efficient algorithm for a specific problem. In the third year, your final project will be a special DBL where you develop a software system (or improve an existing one) on request of a company. 

Design-Based Learning projects (DBL)

You practice applying your knowledge during specific Design-based Learning projects (DBL). You work together with fellow students on projects such as setting up a web shop, a web portal or a website from which nursing staff are able to observe patients remotely. You will also analyze the usage of a major website and improve the links and menu structure. In addition, you use AI (Artificial Intelligence) methods in order to improve the information available on a website, such as by means of personalization.


After completing this major, you will receive the Bachelor's degree certificate in Computer Science and Engineering and the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering.

NVAO accreditation

This program is legally recognized and accredited by the Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).