In addition to the core courses that every student of Computer Science and Engineering takes, you will have free electives worth 45 credits (9 courses) within your program. You can choose these courses or packages of courses as you see fit, depending on your interests and your objective. You may, for example, choose to study a particular computer science subject in greater depth, but you could also expand your knowledge from other domains. You determine yourself what suits you best, in consultation with one of our teacher coaches. You can follow the elective courses or packages with us at TU/e or, if it can be scheduled in a doable manner, at a different university

Examples of elective course clusters

In-depth packages

Security, with the following courses:
- Algebra for security
- Introduction to Cryptology
- Security Lab

Interactive Intelligent systems, with the following courses:
- Computer graphics
- Artificial intelligence
- DBL Game Design

Foundations of program construction, with the following courses:
- Declarative programming
- Process theory
- Provable programming

Business analytics, with the following courses:

- Business analytics
- Business process intelligence
- Visualization

For a select group that has an interest in carrying out a research assignment.

Example packages from other domains
Design for games and play
-  Business economics- Information security in society
- Finance and Risk
- Cognition and social interaction
- Connected world
- Intelligent vehicles
 – Combinatorial optimization
- Care and Cure
- Sports, technology and behavior