Examples of courses from the first year

In this course, you will learn the elementary principles of (object-oriented) programming using the Java programming language. You will carry out weekly assignments, some of which will count towards your final grade. An additional challenge is on offer for first-year students who are already familiar with programming: the programming competition. If you win enough points, you can get an exemption for the final exam..

Data structures
A great many elements are needed in order to solve algorithmic problems effectively. In this course, you will develop basic knowledge that will enable you to solve simple algorithmic problems. You will learn to reason about the correctness and efficiency of programs, using the formal mathematical methods acquired in preceding courses like Logic and set theory, and Discrete structures. You also learn how to use the scientific document preparation language LaTeX to prepare formulas.

DBL-project Web technology and human-technology interaction
In the spring, you will carry out what is known as DBL-project (Design-Based Learning) in which you will produce specifications for, design and construct a web portal with special attention for user-friendly design principles. You will do this in a group, under the supervision of a tutor who will monitor the process, give advice and provide feedback on the documents submitted.  You practice professional skills like team work, documenting, project planning and organization, presenting and reflecting on your own contribution.