Final bachelor project

The Bachelor's program in Computer Science and Engineering is completed with a final project: Software Engineering Project (SEP). You will carry out this project with 7 to 10 fellow students. You will develop comprehensive and non-trivial software on behalf of a client. During this project, we will also assess you on your professional skills.


Content of the Software Engineering Project

Content of the Software Engineering Project
- Setting up a software project of average scale within a short period of time (10 weeks)
- Setting up a development environment: version management, build environment and test environment
- Documenting the project and the development process
- Organizing a development team and assigning roles within it
- Developing a prototype software product under high time pressure
- Converting (non-specific) user requirements into a tangible product
- Maintaining client contacts
- Setting up a suitable product architecture


Important professional skills like presenting, documenting, project organization and teamwork are practiced in a natural way.