Learning trajectories in the Computer Science and Engineering major

The Computer Science and Engineering major is composed of a number of learning trajectories: a number of related courses that cover a specific domain within the field of computer science.

Theory and Algorithms
- Logic and set theory
- Data structures
- Discrete structures
- Automata, language theory and complexity
- Algorithms
- DBL Algorithms (elective within the major)

Software development
- Programming
- Programming methods
- Software specification
- DBL Software engineering (final project)

System architecture and networks
- Computer systems
- Computer networks and security
- Operating systems
- DBL Embeded systems (elective within the major)

Information systems
- Data modeling and databases
- Business information systems
- DBL Information systems (elective within the major)

Web technology
- DBL Web technology and human-technology interaction
- DBL App development (elective within the major)


Data mining and machine learning
- Probability and stochastics
- Data mining and machine learning