You've graduated. What next?

As an engineer in Computer Science and Engineering , you are ready to pursue a career as a software or app developer. You could, for example, begin work as a team member with one of the many innovative companies in the region, or even with organizations in other areas of the world.

Master's programs
Would you like to develop into roles such as project manager or software architect? In that case, we recommend undertaking a follow-up program in the form of a Master's degree. You might complete the Master's in Business Information Systems. Then you will soon be the one in the team who analyzes the business problem. You will also determine the direction that the IT solution will take.

After completing the Master's in Computer Science and Engineering, you could be working on software for securing level crossings. You can also choose Web Science courses among the electives of your Master's program.

After a Master's in Embedded Systems, you could work on the design of software for a 3D television, for example.

There is considerable shortage of computer science and engineering graduates. You can get an idea of what kinds of jobs exist in the ICT sector in a special edition of the Volkskrant newspaper.