Study Association

The study association of the Innovation Sciences Bachelor's program is called Intermate. Intermate represents the interests of the students taking this program. Intermate also encourages contacts between students and between students and lecturers, the rest of the university and trade and industry.

Intermate consists of various committees that organize a wide range of activities in the following four categories:

  • Course-related activities For example, 'Try the Field', in which first-year students are introduced to the field of work through a range of excursions to interesting companies and institutions.
  • Activities in the field of education For example, the sale of course books at a discount  and representing educational interests in the student consultative body.
  • Activities related to the provision of information  For example, the publication of a yearbook containing the photographs of students taking the course and the production of Intermania, the study association’s newsletter.
  • Informal activities For example, the weekly early evening drink, the introduction week and the Parent Day; the last is specially for the parents of first-years students who would like an introduction to their son or daughter’s course.

This is just a small selection of the many activities that the study association organizes. For more information about any particular activity, please go to the study association’s website.