Binding study recommendations

At the end of the first year of study for your Bachelor's degree, you will be given a study recommendation (bsa) which is based on your first year results.

Your performance after one year of study provides a good indication of your ultimate achievements at TU/e. In other words, it is possible to provide good advice on your study after you have completed one year at TU/e. There are two kinds of recommendations: a positive or a negative bsa.

Positive recommendation

If you have achieved 45 or more study points in your first year, you will be given a positive recommendation. This means that you can continue with the educational track you are following.

Negative recommendation

If you achieve fewer than 45 study points in your first year you will receive a negative bsa (recommendation). The recommendation is final, meaning that you will not be permitted to continue your studies. You will be excluded from the possibility of enrolling for the course for a period of three years.