When you come to the Eindhoven University of Technology, you will receive coaching to help you with your studies. As a student at the Bachelor College you will have plenty of freedom to compose your own study on the basis of your interests and ambitions. Do you want to go deeper into a specific subject or would you rather explore the breadth by combining different subjects? Your coach will support you in whichever choices you make.

Making choices
At the TU/e, we believe that it is very important that you receive good supervision in your studies. Your program has fewer fixed subjects than at other universities or what you were used to in your pre-university education. You therefore have to look closely at what suits you best 
and what subjects you find interesting. We think it is important that you make your own choices in your study program. Your coach can help you make these choices.

Study coach
At the start of your study program, you will be assigned a study coach, who will be a member of the teaching staff on your program. You will have a study coach for the entire program. In the first year, it will be a permanent coach; in subsequent years, it may change.

In quartile 1, you will have an interview with your coach during which he or she will help you to choose your first elective in your major. 

Student mentor
Besides the study coach, you also be assigned a student mentor, who you will see mostly during the first semester (quartile 1 and quartile 2). He or she will help you with the practical matters that you have to deal with relating to your study. For example, where you should be and what is the best way to study.

Starting activities

Studying at the TU/e starts with starting activities in June and August. You will be given information about your major, what coaching means for you and studying at the TU/e and the Bachelor College. The questionnaire you filled in before the interview will also be discussed. That will give us an early opportunity to look at how you make choices and how you study. In addition, a number of specific activities are organized for each major. For example, carrying out a project or a lunch at the program’s student association.

The starting activities in June and August takes up a whole morning or afternoon. If you have registered for a study program at the TU/e through Studielink, you will receive an invitation one month before the starting activities.