Education methods and ECTS

Design-Based Learning (DBL)

In addition to lectures, small-scale instruction groups and supervised self-tuition, the Eindhoven University of Technology also offers another form of learning. This is known as Design-Based Learning (DBL) (Dutch: Ontwerpgericht Onderwijs OGO). In Design-based studies you will translate scientific technological knowledge into applications for use in society.

Working in small groups, students learn to combine various kinds of knowledge and apply this to specific circumstances. The knowledge used may be specialist knowledge from your own training as well as knowledge from other disciplines. In this way you are trained to become an engineer who is capable of providing society with improved or new technical systems and products.

Self tuition

Studying is not just about following lectures or doing research. As a student at the TU/e you will also spend a considerable amount of hours each week on self-tuition. You can of course make use of the working spaces at the TU/e for individual study. Many students also form study groups, for example in one of the libraries on campus.


Most courses comprise four teaching modules a year. You will conclude these modules and each semester with an exam. If the results should be inadequate, you will have a second opportunity to sit for the exam during the year.

Not all studies end with an exam. Sometimes you will finish a course or module with a project or a presentation. The course in Industrial Design, for example, is a special case. As a student on this course, you will not be assessed through examinations. Your tasks here will be to demonstrate the competencies you have acquired through projects and assignments.