Experience Mathness!

The transition from senior high school or college (vwo) to Eindhoven University of Technology will mean a number of changes for you. Naturally you are accustomed to learning, after your years in high school, but university study takes a little getting used to. You may need to feel your way into finding out what is expected of you exactly in one or other subject. Another difference is that material is not repeated as frequently as it was in school. You will need to master more of the teaching in a shorter time, and that demands good planning of your study time.

Coaching in mathematics
To help you with the transition from pre-university education to the TU/e, the university has established a coaching program called Experience Mathness. The program focuses on skills in maths and studying in general. All first-year TU/e students are required to take a maths in-take test in the first week of the academic year. The test is often part of the first-year maths course. Passing the test can lead to the achievement of your first study point, and may also be counted towards a first-year course in mathematics.

Practice website
Naturally we want to offer you the opportunity at the TU/e to prepare well for this test. As of June every year, we therefore provide a practice website. By coaching you properly in the fields of maths and study skills, we hope to help you get off to a good start with your studies at the TU/e.