Study-choice check

To succeed in university, you need to consider your program carefully and have a good understanding of the skills you may have to develop. At TU/e, we assist you by looking at whether the program that you have applied for is a good match. This Study Choice Check is mandatory for all prospective students interested in a program that does not have a selection procedure.

Questionnaire, study choice advice and interview

After applying for the program in Dutch enrollment portal Studielink you will be invited to participate in the Study Choice Check. For students who reside outside the Netherlands and who did not do their pre-university education in the Netherlands, the check consists of:

  • An online questionnaire (approx. 15 min).
  • Receiving advice on your program choice, based on your answers. In this report, we will tell you our assessment of your motivation and how certain you seem of your choice of program. The report also mentions the skills you may need to develop, in which the program can support you.
  • An interview with a representative of the program (e.g., via phone or Skype) to discuss this advice.

For prospective students who live in the Netherlands, each program organizes an in-person Study Choice Check day, with activities such as a lecture and an assignment, the opportunity to meet fellow students, and the interview.
Whether online or in person, this program check helps you to reflect on how well the program is a match for you.

For whom?

The Study Choice Check is mandatory for all students who want to enroll in the first year of a TU/e Bachelor’s degree program to which no selection procedure (numerus fixus) applies. You can only enroll in the program when you have completed the full Study Choice Check.


If you do not have a Dutch qualifying diploma (vwo or HBO Bachelor) and wish to start your studies at TU/e in September, you need to submit a complete application before the final deadline of May 1. If your application has been accepted by the admission board, you will be invited by to participate in the Study Choice Check of your program. The first invitations will be sent in February and March.

Admission and enrollment

Although completing the Study Choice Check is mandatory, the outcome of the Study Choice Check is not binding and does not influence your admission to the program. Consider the check a useful way to prepare yourself for starting your Bachelor's program at TU/e.

Detailed information about the admission and enrollment process can be found here: Admission and Enrollment.

A negative advice, now what?

If we think you may not be well matched with the program of your choice, the Study Choice Check will recommend you to do further research into this program and other programs. To help you do this, we will offer you an individual conversation with a study-choice coach, with an emphasis on choosing a program. During this conversation, you can discuss key issues such as: Which steps should I take? Which criteria are important criteria in choosing in program? Which questions can I pose?

To request a conversation with a study-choice coach, you can send a message to However, if you have questions about the contents of a program, we advise you to contact the program’s study information officer or study advisor. Contact details are available on the program’s Study Choice Check page.

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question about the Study Choice Check, please take a look at the FAQ.