Educational structure

Master programs
Your Bachelor of Science degree from the TU/e allows you to follow different paths. One option open to you is the automatic continuation, without further requirements, with one of the Master tracks at the TU/e. You can also do your Master's at Delft University of Technology or Twente University.  

You will need no additional courses, nor have to take an admission test. The study guide shows you whether your Bachelor's gives you access to the specific Master track which you want to follow.

Taking a PhD
Graduates with a Master of Science degree can follow a PhD at TU/e, becoming an independent researcher within four years. You have a temporary appointment at TU/e as a research assistant. After four years of research you complete your PhD with a thesis. Then you may use the title of Doctor (Dr.).

Designer programs
TU/e offers eight two-year (post MSc) designer programs, leading to a Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng). When you are selected for the program you will become a TU/e employee, similar to a PhD position. The program consists of one preparatory year leading to an extensive eight to twelve months design project in a company.