Technology and sustainability

You can add a ‘sustainable' emphasis to your Master's Degree courses at the Eindhoven University of Technology. You can do this by following environmental and energy courses, and doing your Master's thesis in this field.

This is a way for you to contribute to the development of technological solutions for future environmental problems. The issues involved could be the creation of longer-life products which can be more easily repaired; products that can be manufactured using as few raw materials as possible and less energy, and result in minimal waste. An example of this could be housing that takes less energy to maintain, or a car that runs on a super-efficient engine that lasts a long time.

Human behavior

Objects are generally quite technical. But in addition to the technology, your education also includes learning about human behavior, and about the economic feasibility of new technologies.

The Technology and Sustainable Development (Technologie en Duurzame Ontwikkeling -TDO) Certificate accounts for a minimum of 20 study points, consisting partly of required courses, and partly elective courses.