Technology Entrepreneurship

The certificate Technology Entrepreneurship (CTE) is for Master's students who are interested in business. The program offers you the opportunity to improve your entrepreneurial skills. It is open to all Master's students, and is issued by the department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences and the TU/e Innovation Lab.

The certificate program consists of three parts. The first part covers elective subjects related to the theme of entrepreneurship. They are taught by the department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences. The second part of the program covers entrepreneurial skills.  

Developing innovative ideas

The third part of the program consists of the concluding project or business plan. The basis of the project is an innovative idea that has been developed at the TU/e or proposed by an industrial partner. Students will usually be required to develop the idea further along both technological as well as business lines. The knowledge you will need is frequently not available from one single source.

The CTE program is linked to the Brabant Center of Entrepreneurship (BCE), which is a collaborative enterprise of the Universities of Eindhoven and Tilburg. The purpose of the Center is to promote entrepreneurial education within both universities.