Why Eindhoven?

With the master's program in Architecture, Building and Planning (ABP) at Eindhoven, you're choosing a course that studies the built environment. Depending on your capabilities and interests, you can opt for a master's specialization that suits you best. Do you have an affinity for research or design; are you strong on the science side or, for example, in the creation of styles? There is a wide range of options to choose from in this master's course. With the help of your coach, you can map out your own individual learning path. Part of this is that students regularly exchange ideas with a lecturer, as well as the coach who is active on the master's program.


What makes the education at Eindhoven unique is that the research and design activities are closely interwoven in the master's program. Students are trained to approach relevant architectural problems in a continuous interaction between analysis and synthesis. Analysis is associated with scientific methods and techniques. Synthesis is based on scientific approaches to design processes and model development in general.

Interdisciplinary approach

An interdisciplinary approach is a key feature of the master's degree program of ABP at TU/e. In the different specializations, students also have the opportunity to take courses in other chair groups inside and outside the department. Thus, students can learn from within their own discipline to understand the problems of other disciplines.


In the project-based learning of the master's program, the emphasis is placed on developing the design sensibilities of the student. Design is thus viewed as an activity focused on generating solutions to problems that are highly complex by definition.