Graduated… and then?

Traditionally CMUD education, arranged among departments at Eindhoven University of Technology, maintains close contacts with the (building) business. Nearly all graduation projects are realized as individual education projects. During the graduation project, students work at a leading company. The graduation project is established in cooperation with the company. This ensures a close relationship between education and businesses.

Shifting Focus

In the past few years, the graduation track has been focusing more on the link with the fundamental research projects of PhD students and staff. For this, graduation cohorts are set up in which businesses are addressed as a partner and a co-financier.

Business contacts

For a range of other education activities within the CME program, representatives of businesses are often also requested to clarify the problems in the field from a practical point of view.

A lot of cooperation between CME, businesses and governments exists, both nationally and regionally focused. Cooperation with international partners in the field has to be expanded. In recent years, mainly the following companies have contributed to the realization of graduation projects and other educational activities:

  • Major international consultancies such as Arcadis, DHV, Royal Haskoning, AT Osborne, Grontmij
  • Provincial Development Company (BOM)
  • Housing corporations
  • Government agencies
  • Building companies


When you have completed the Master program in Construction Management & Engineering, you will be familiar with the methodical analysis and process design of project and process management. That means you will be able to find employment in the field, or you can opt to develop your knowledge further as a research worker. In the former case you will usually be working as a manager in a building company, government agency or project developer.

It goes without saying that the combination of disciplines, the responsibility you have learned to take and the contacts with industry that form part of this program are characteristics highly valued by potential employers.


A further option is to deepen your study through a research proposal. In consultation with the professors responsible you can try to find opportunities to further develop your study as a PhD study.

If you are considering a career in industry or business after you graduate, it's worth knowing that you can get an excellent preparation for it at 4TU.School for Technological Design, Stan Ackermans Institute. You will follow a two-year program as a trainee technological designer. On successfully completing the program, you will receive a PDEng (Professional Doctorate in Engineering) certificate.