Studying abroad

Internationalization is becoming increasingly important. A study period abroad improves your chances in the job market. You improve your language skills, you learn how to cope in an unknown environment and you learn to adjust to a different culture.Master students are stimulated to gain international experience. However, it is not mandatory. 

Employers place great value on skills such as self-reliance and showing initiative. In addition, a period abroad is a great way to network with new contacts. Contrary to popular belief, a study period abroad does not delay your studies. However, you should orient yourself as to your possibilities in a timely manner.

There are different types of international experience:

  • following courses and/or projects at a foreign university
  • research visits
  • internships at a company.  

For more information about opportunities and application procedures, please contact Henny Houben, department international exchange coordinator, on (040)-247 3471 or via e-mail.

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