Study Supervision

Various kinds of study supervision are available during the Master's Program.

Lecturers and project supervisors

The lecturers teaching the courses are, of course, willing to answer you questions though the initiative lies with you. This can be done verbally or by e-mail. Each project group has its own supervisor, a lecturer that consults regularly with the group.

Graduation supervisor

The graduation supervisor supervises you in your graduation project. He or she will discuss your choices with you and can also be consulted to help arrange your graduation project internship.

Study advisor

The study advisor can help you with questions about the formal aspects of your study planning, examination requirements, all relevant study matters, etc. You can also approach him or her with questions and problems related to your study motivation, cessation or delays. For specific questions or personal problems the study advisor may refer you to other professionals. The initiative to discuss things may come from yourself or from your study advisor.