You've graduated. What next?

As a graduate in Business Information Systems, you are trained in the design of information systems from a business viewpoint. Your scientific perspective combined with a practically-oriented approach forms an excellent starting point for a successful career. 
You can handle heavily computer science-based business processes. You can develop information systems and set up automated business processes in both large and smaller organizations. Or you are ready to begin work as a developer, architect or information manager. 
Our alumni are now employed by companies that include Deloitte, Pallas Athena, ING Océ or by a university as consultants, information managers, architects, developers and researchers.
Most graduates start their careers with a job in a design team, but quickly develop into team leaders and managers. You could also start your own business.
Continuing study  

You also have various options for continuing your studies after completing your Master's degree:

Part-time programs
At the Tias Nimbas Business School you can also follow all manner of part-time programs that support you in your professional development. The Tias Nimbas Business School is an institution in which we collaborate with Tilburg University.