Student counseling

Various people offer supervision to the students, namely:

Lecturers / professional coach

A student is entitled to a talk with a lecturer from the track in which the student participates. The initiative is with the student. This professional coach will advise in choosing a selection of elective courses, which prepares for the final graduation project. This professional coach could also be the graduation supervisor.

The graduation supervisor guides the student in his graduation project.

Study advisor

The study advisor knows the regulations a student can encounter, knows the possibilities within the Master's program and can advise you on subjects as study related problems or study progress. The study advisor can help you with your personal study planning.

Student advisor

For help regarding your way of studying, you can contact the student advisors of ESA (Education and Student Affairs). The student adviser can give advice on your planning, study method, concentration problems, fear of failure, etc. in a personal manner.