You develop not only as a student but also as a person.

BSc Maria Fernanda Neira Dangelo, student

I came to Eindhoven from Spain as an exchange student in 2008. TU/e was recommended to me by other students as an innovative place to be for sustainable energy. I focus on renewable energy sources like biomass and the opportunities afforded by chemical processes like Fischer-Tropsch. A study with a future because society needs sustainable energy.

I did my research project as part of a group, three months working intensively with fellow students on tangible company assignments. Quite a challenge. Everyone is pretty direct. You get plenty of feedback. Not just in terms of your study but of you as a student, and that is even better. A psychologist uses peer reviews to provide insight into the group process and your own performance and behavior. You develop not only as a student but also as a person. I have learnt a great deal from this. Eindhoven is a small city, which has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s quite international and is a great place to live for a time. I am a member of the Japie study association but I am more often at the sports center on the campus. An ideal place to make contacts. A real social meeting point for all students. And you can do a lot of sport for very little money.”