Entering with a University Bachelor

The general requirements for admission to a Master program of the department of Electrical Engineering are:

  • You must have a relevant Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering(or equivalent. The Bachelor program must be of sufficient level and quality to enable you to complete the TU/e Master program.
  • A sufficient command of the English language since the language of instruction is English.

A Bachelor degree of our department of Electrical Engineering automatically admits to all Master programs of the department of Electrical Engineering.

You have direct access to the Electrical Engineering Master when you have an Electrical Engineering Bachelor. With a number of other Bachelors (for instance: Technical IT, Technical Physics or Technical Math), you can enter Electrical Engineering if you follow a program composed especially for you. Several Bachelors from the Delft University of Technology and University Twente give you direct access as well. Contact the department of Electrical Engineeringto see if you can enter the Master.

Entering with an hbo-education

When you have a hbo-diploma in Electrical Engineering, you have access to a specific program of the Electrial Engineering Master. But other hbo-diplomas might be accepted too. Are you studying for an hbo-diploma? At certain schools, you can get a proof of admission for our Master. Contact the department of Electrical Engineering, so we can compose a program that fits you and your education.