Graduation project

The master program is concluded by the graduation project, a large (46 credit) research project in which you prove to be an electrical engineer. It usually takes about nine months to complete the graduation project. A graduation project is very similar to an internship, with respect to organization, opportunities and content, but it is larger and will lead you on roads no-one has travelled before. You will not just learn what others already know, you will use what you know to create new knowledge and design what does not yet exist.
Graduates are involved in a wide variety of projects, some very theoretical, e.g. concerning the simplification of general non-linear systems, but most of them relatively practical, such as detection of epileptic seizures and prostate cancer, or the conversion of 60Hz-video material to 50Hz. In between, any topic that might profit from Electrical Engineering insight may lead to a project: glass ovens, brains, printed circuit boards, vibrations, robots, audio, electromagnetic lenses, mobile networks, traffic surveillance, to name a few.