Interning possibilities

Internship first year

During your Electrical Engineering Master, you will have the opportunity to take one or two internships in the first year. These are internal internships, meaning they will take place at one of the nine capacity groups of the Electrical Engineering faculty.

You will learn how to contribute to an ongoing process within an existing group.

Internship second year

An internship is a small research project which prepares for the larger graduation project and which allows you to participate in the research carried out by the faculty. Our research is partly carried out in our own laborarotories, and partly at different companies and universities all over the world. Taking part in this research will bring you in contact with our research partners. If you are interested and we think you are qualified, you may also carry out the project at their facilities.

You will take a ten-week internship in the second year of the Master. You have the possibility to intern in a Dutch company. This way, you can prepare for your professional career.

You can also choose to do this internship abroad. You can even extend the duration in order to get more study points.

Internship abroad

Internships abroad are a unique experience on both a technological and social level. It's no wonder a lot of students choose this. For example, you can intern at the University of Rio de Janeiro, or a company like Siemens in Munich. These internships have an orientating character, so you experience which main subject suits you.

Our interns travel as far as Japan and Australia, but they also go to Singapore, Argentina the United States, or much closer to München and Leuven. Large regional companies as Philips, Océ and ASML frequently take up our interns, but there are also numerous smaller companies, such as Prodrive. And finally there are on-campus organisations as TNO and a large set of spin-off companies which regularly provide projects for our students.