Degree structure

The Master's program in Embedded Systems lasts 2 years. Each year of the program is divided into semesters (September to January, and February to July) and each semester is composed of two quartiles of 8 weeks each. During this time, you have lectures, followed by an examination period of two to three weeks. The program consists of the following components: 

  • compulsory courses
  • electives
  • final project

For more detailed information please see the education guide website.

Courses Embedded Systems

Compulsory courses

During your Master's program, you take compulsory courses and electives. The compulsory courses will provide you with a general foundation, while the electives will enable you to broaden your program on the basis of your personal interests and ambitions.

The compulsory courses include Computer science and Electrical Engineering courses:

More information relating to compulsory courses and electives can be found in the edcuation guide website.

Final project

You spend 1 semester in the second year of study on your final project. You may choose to carry out this project in the business community or you can make a contribution towards scientific research at our university. There is a wide range of subjects in which to complete your studies. Some examples of titles of final projects include:

  • Design of a high-performance buffered crossbar switch fabric using network on chip
  • ClasH – From Haskell to hardware
  • Advanced automated sequential hardware - in the loop simulator generator
  • DVB4Cell: Composable Algorithm Toolkit for the Cell Broadband Engine
  • Radio wave propagation in metal train compartments
  • Profiling symmetric encryption algorithms for implant Table medical devices
  • Control of section distributions on boundary layer suction systems for automotive wind tunnels
  • Analyzing RT-motion USB software framework
  • A multi-level parallel solution for Huffman decoding

Internship options

Would you like to apply the knowledge that you gain during your program to a practical setting and get an early insight into the employment market? If so, you can undertake an internship with a company, a(n) (government) institution or with our university itself. The subject of the internship may differ from the specialization that you have chosen but it must be relevant to the Master's that you are undertaking.

Opportunities to study abroad

Would you like to spend part of your Master's program studying abroad? If so, there are various options for you as a student with a Bachelor's degree obtained in the Netherlands:

  • Studying one subject from your Master's program in a university in a different country
  • Undertaking an internship in another country.
  • Undertaking your final project in another country.

For more information, please contact Natasha Stash.

Honors Program

We offer anHonors program, which is intended for our best-performing students. This challenging program offers you the opportunity to participate in and contribute towards research carried out by the department. The basis of the program consists of 2 research projects of 6 ECTS, which you will take in addition to your standard program.

Further information can be found in the Honors programguide.