Research profile

Research profile of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
The design of innovative software and the skill of (mathematical) modeling form the basis of technological and industrial progress. Our computer scientists focus in particular on modeling and analyzing business processes. They enjoy an outstanding reputation, particularly in relation to process mining: a means of discovering process models and linking them to reality.
The research we conduct in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science concentrates on the four sections: 
- Algorithms and Visualization
- Information Systems  
- Model Driven Software Engineering 
- Security and Embedded Networked Systems

The emphasis of the research is placed on its applications in embedded systems and in business information systems.

Further information relating to the research carried out in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.
Research profile Department of Electrical Engineering
The Department of Electrical Engineering conducts research in the area of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. You study both hardware, in the form of electronic circuits and auxiliary equipment, and software, in the form of system software and electrical engineering applications. Analysis of existing systems and design of new systems are also of importance in this regard. Research and teaching in the department focuses primarily on the following areas: