Career opportunities

As a graduate of the Master's program in Human-Technology Interaction, you will be able to assess the feasibility of new technological developments in relation to human constraints, preferences and capabilities. This knowledge will enable you to play an important role in the design of new technologies. You will put the user in a central position!

After the Master's program you will be able to work in research, development or consultancy. Human Technology Interaction specialists are working at academic, governmental and private organizations. These include organizations concerned with telecommunication, sustainable energy, consumer electronics, the printing industry, the aviation and automotive industries or financial companies. Graduates are working for instates and companies like Philips, DAF, Océ, TNO, KPN and International Research Institutes and Universities.

As a graduate you can choose to follow the User System Interaction program at the 4TU.School for Technological Design: the Stan Ackermans Institute. If you want to work in business or industry, this two years program gives you the opportunity to enhance your skills and expertise.

In addition, the J.F. Schouten School for User-System Interaction Research in Eindhoven offers you an internationally qualified research program in which postgraduate students can play a significant role.

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