You learn to develop technology around people instead of developing people around technology

Rob Jochem, student

You can choose electives to match the program to your own interests

After my bachelor’s psychology I longed for a master’s program with a focus on more than just psychology. After some research I found the master’s program Human-Technology Interaction at TU/e. I chose for Eindhoven because the city is convenient and the TU/e was rated highest in the rankings of the Guide to Choosing a master’s program.

Human-Technology Interaction learns you how to improve the quality of life of people by developing technology around them instead of developing people around technology. During the master’s program you can choose electives to match the program to your own interests.  Teachers are very approachable and are willing to help you in this process.

My hobbies are cooking, karate, reading and visiting cultural events in Eindhoven. Eindhoven is a city which is based on the industry of Philips. The city focuses itself on innovation and development. I discovered that there are enough interesting things to do in and aroud Eindhoven.

My tip if you’re looking for the right master’s program:make clear for yourself what you want to learn and what you like. By making clear what you like, you can choose a study that matches your long term goals better.