Study program

The Master's Program in Human-Technology Interaction is a two-year program. It focuses on problems arising from rapidly changing technology domains and how these are experienced by users. In the first year of the Master’s Program, you will follow advanced human behavior courses and specialize in a technical domain, applying this knowledge to projects offered in the first year of the Master's Program.

Part of your second year of the Master's Program will be followed abroad. After this international component, you will conduct a research project (preparing for your final thesis). Finally, in the last half year, you will write your Master’s thesis.

Depending on your Bachelor’s degree you may or may not have to follow a Pre-master's or Minor program before you can be admitted to the Master’s program. For more information please click admission in the menu. On the main menu you will find relevant information about the different programs that can be followed. These are:

More information about the content of the courses can be found in the education guide.