The Pre-master's program

The Pre-Master's program prepares for the Master's program in Human-Technology Interaction. Depending on the course you have followed you may be required to follow the Pre-master's program. Most of the courses, given during the Pre-master's program, are obligatory courses from the Bachelor's program Innovation Sciences.

These courses have the goal to expand your knowledge in the social sciences: you will learn how people behave, perceive and think. Therefore courses in psychology, cognitive sciences, perception, human factors, decision making and consumer behavior have to be followed. These courses will give students a profound scientific introduction that is needed to follow the advanced courses offered in the Master program.

In order to do research in the field of Human Technology Interaction you also need to acquire knowledge on research methodologies in the social sciences. Therefore, courses in statistics and research methodology have to be followed. Additionally, you will follow courses in calculus and ethics.

For more information about the content of the courses you can go to the Education guide about the Pre-master's program of Human-Technology Interaction

Admission and Course Information
If you want to know whether you will need or can follow the HTI pre-master, or want more information about the admission procedure and the contents of the adjusted programs, click on admission. For other question, please send an email to our department. The address can be found in the menu item more information.