Why Human-Technology Interaction in Eindhoven?

The Master's program in Human-Technology Interaction in Eindhoven is unique in Western Europe. It is unique in placing the human individual in a technological environment at the center of its educational focus. Technologically speaking, the world has never changed as rapidly as it is doing now. Eindhoven university of Technology offers you an outstanding program which enables you to study the complex interactions between these exciting, new, innovative technologies and modern people. 

Why Eindhoven?
Eindhoven is a young and dynamic city, situated in the south of the Netherlands. Eindhoven is the fifth big city with its 200.000 inhabitants. The population of Eindhoven is relatively young thanks to the Eindhoven University of Technology, Fontys University of Applied sciences and the Design Academy. 

Leading in technology!
Eindhoven is leading in technology! It is the hometown for the Eindhoven University of Technology, Fontys University of Applied sciences and the Design Academy. Moreover it is the cradle for companies like DAF and Philips, companies that still have strong roots with Eindhoven.

Eindhoven University of Technology scores high when it comes to scientific citations. Within all European Universities it is has the third place, after Cambridge and Oxford. 

It is the hometown of PSV and the Dutch swimming team. Eindhoven offers numerous facilities to practice sports. The University sports centre has 40 different sports clubs, from gliding to hockey and from horse riding to curling. Enough to choose from!

Cultural and social life
The city centre and the University of Eindhoven offer lot’s of facilities for an exciting cultural and social life. At the University area you can find de zwarte doos: an arthouse cinema and grand cafe. Furthermore the University area offers a stage for (beginning) bands, plays and expositions. More information can be found at Studium Generale

Student life
For every study there is a union that organizes activities for their students (e.g. parties, excursions and seminars). Traditionally, every Thursday from 16:00, there are drinks at every faculty around the university campus.

Eindhoven counts at about ten student unions, independent of a study program. These unions are there for spare time and social life. They organize activities and are an excellent opportunity to make new friends.