Degree structure

Industrial and Applied Mathematics (IAM) is a two-year Master program in mathematics. Each year is divided into four quartiles (Q1-Q4, respectively Q5-Q8) and accounts for 60 credits (ECTS). One credit corresponds to 28 hours of study time. All courses are 5 credits. The IAM program is divided into three parts: the Core Program, the Individual Program and the Final Project. The content of all parts depend on the chosen specialization.

Parts of study program


Core Program


Individual Program




Final Project


A student can do all core courses and specialization electives in the first year. That holds for students starting in either September or in February. For the majority of students, the international experience will consists of either an internship in Q5 or Q6, or following courses during a three month period or even one semester in Q5 and Q6. That can take place during the first half of the second year, while the second half is needed for the Final Project.

The IAM program participates in the MasterMath ( program, which is a collaboration of all mathematics departments in The Netherlands to offer jointly master courses. Most of the IAM students will follow two or more MasterMath courses. In particular, the courses offered under the label 3TU are strongly recommended. These are typically offered on Monday. Therefore all Mondays in Q3, Q4, Q5, and Q6 are reserved for MasterMath courses.