Why choose a Master's degree program at Eindhoven University of Technology?

Are you considering studying on a Master's degree program at TU/e? There are a range of reasons why Eindhoven has more to offer than other cities.

  • You will study in the center of one of Europe's major high-tech regions. ASML, Vanderlande Industries and TNO are all located in the immediate vicinity of the university. The Eindhoven High Tech Campus, which is home to companies such as Philips, is also only 10 minutes away.
  • We maintain excellent contacts with the business community, which gives you the opportunity to contribute to the latest developments during an internship and upon completing your studies.
  • There are also extensive employment opportunities available once you have obtained your degree. This is partly the reason why we have a large international student contingent.
  • The research sections involved in the program are among the best in the world in the field of business processes and information systems.
  • For our best students, we offer an Honors program. With this program we aim to challenge you to reach your highest potential. We also encourage you to opt for a PDEng route towards a Designer program or with a view to obtaining a PhD.
  • It is possible to combine your Master's degree with the education Master's in Science Education and Communication (SEC). With an SEC degree under your belt, you are qualified to teach computer science in pre-university education.
  • The Industrial and Applied Mathematics degree program offers a carefully designed balance of specialist knowledge, engineering skills and orientation towards the professional field. You will take compulsory courses in mathematics, but you also enjoy a great deal of freedom to choose the components of your program in order to specialize in an area of your choice. You will be trained as a mathematician who can be deployed in a wide range of roles in the development of new technology in the knowledge industry. Employers have also confirmed that Industrial and Applied Mathematics offers a well-designed training program.
  • The specialization Discrete Mathematics and Applications is unique in the Netherlands.