You've graduated. What next?

As a graduate of the special Master's program in Information Security Technology, you combine a scientific perspective with an engineer's approach. As a Master of Science in Information Security Technology, you will also possess the following characteristics:

  • You are able to work independently.
  • You are able to effectively reflect on your work, analyze critically and generate new ideas.
  • You are practically-oriented, systematic and methodical within a multi-disciplinary environment.
  • You have a broad overview of both the theoretical aspects and the technical aspects of information security.
  • You possess organization skills and are aware of aspects of law and ethics that may be encountered.
  • You are an expert in at least one area of information security. You may also become involved in cryptographic primitives, security protocols, data storage, communication or information security management.
  • You are able to participate in debates regarding the role of information security in our society.
  • You are able to contribute in the design of new security systems, drawing up the security requirements of an application and selecting the appropriate technique for this.

Our alumni work as internal and/or external consultants, among other roles, in which the security of a company or organization is of central importance. You could be employed in organizations such as:

  • research laboratories
  • scientific institutions
  • Research & Development departments in companies
  • the financial sector
  • consultancy

Continuing study

You also have various options for continuing your studies after completing your Master's degree:

At the Tias Business School you can follow all manner of part-time programs that support you in your professional development. This institute is a collaborative venture between TU/e and Tilburg University.