Admission and enrollment

To apply for a TU/e Master's program, you need a Bachelor’s degree based on a program of sufficient academic level and quality. Please choose one of the following options.

You have direct admission to the TU/e Innovation Management Master's program if you have completed a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering and Management Science at Eindhoven University of Technology.

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I have a Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) from:

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General requirements and facts
There are a number of general requirements and facts for admission to Master’s degree programs:

  • The best fit in prior education is a degree in Industrial Engineering.
  • Admission to the master program of Innovation Management is only possible with a degree in one of the engineering sciences.
  • You must have a relevant Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent), based on a program of sufficient academic level and quality to enable you to complete the TU/e Master’s degree program to which you wish to be admitted.
  • You must be able to demonstrate sufficient command of English by submitting an Academic IELTS or TOEFL test. For the required scores or exemptions, you can contact the TU/e admissions office (

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If you have questions about admission and enrollment, you can contact us: (040) 247 474.