Projects are mostly about companies having a problem and you need to solve it

Geert van Seggelen, student

we have good teachers

After finishing my bachelor’s degree in Innovation Sciences I wanted to elaborate my skills and knowledge by following a master’s at TUe. However, I had a hard time choosing between the master’s Innovation Management and Innovation Sciences. Innovation Management focusses mainly on analyzing, designing and managing new product and strategy processes within technology-driven firms. Innovation Sciences focusses more on how to manage and influence innovation processes at a strategic and macro (political) level. Because I was interested in both these topics, and especially in the interaction between this market and broader political focus, I decided to attend both master’s programs in a double degree program.

Projects are mostly about companies having a problem and you need to solve it. These problems can consist of a simple market analysis, the requirement of a whole new business plan, up to companies having problems with mergers and acquisitions in other countries. Sometimes the projects are made-up, sometimes real life cases with real firms. The last ones are obviously the most challenging and fun to work on.

TU/e is, in my opinion, the best university of the Netherlands. All the facilities are there, we have good teachers, everything is close within the campus, and Eindhoven city is near  the university.

My hobbies are playing soccer, futsal and cycling. Furthermore I participate in the local government in my home town and like to do a lot of voluntary work at my soccer club. In the summer months I am working on our parade car for the Brabantsedag. A cultural parade through my home town Heeze.

Finally, one more tip for your study choice: just attend some information days, or better, attend some courses and walk a day with a student. This will provide you with the best information you can get. Hope you will enjoy one of these master’s programs!