I'm improving the way people innovate

Yvette Oomens, student

I look at many aspects of the innovation process

80% of innovations fail. What happens when you’re innovating, what are the big mistakes, and how can policy help innovations succeed? That’s what I’m interested in. The Master’s program Innovation Sciences looks at many aspects of the innovation process. At my internship at the European Commission, we’re making policy that stimulates innovation. I can make a real contribution here, using what I have learned at TU/e. I came to Eindhoven after reading a TU/e professor’s article in the newspaper. I decided to take a closer look and the program was exactly what I wanted. It’s a focused smallscale program. Professors are approachable, interesting and experienced. The Brainport region has many high tech companies and Eindhoven is a great city. I’m not quite sure what kind of career I want, but studying at TU/e improved my knowledge and skills. I’m confident about my future.