Specialization elective: Innovation in a global context

In this elective, you examine the global and local drivers of transitions and their socio-economic effects in different parts of the world. Here energy systems in countries in different parts of the world are studied, and how these systems are shaped and transformed by economic policies and societal forces such as geopolitics, strategic national security, and climate change. Furthermore, you analyze the link between worldwide transitions and innovations and their global connections. Finally, you examine different paradigms informing development strategies in developing countries in the South and their impact on innovation “on the ground”.  You will contrast ideals and aspirations of sustainable development with widespread unsustainable strategies in practice. 

Specialization elective: Innovation and the knowledge economy

During courses in this specialization elective the knowledge economy will be central to the analysis with issues surrounding the protection of (digital) intellectual property, new sources of innovation in the knowledge economy (“infonomics”) and on the generation of new insights into the knowledge economy by using large data sets (“big data”). Some references are made to new technical developments in mobility, ICT and energy areas.