After graduation I want to work for an international company, where I can use my knowledge of mechanical engineering to solve technological challenges.

Leo de Groot, student

"From early on, I was fascinated by technology. From large container ships that I saw sailing along the Dutch coast, to the renovation of a 25 year old car. With a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering I have already made my hobby and interest into my studies. The Master’s Program Mechanical Engineering was an obvious next step.”

“The beauty of the Master’s Program Mechanical Engineering is that you decide which courses you follow. Based on your own interests, with a professor who gives tips, you create a personal program. I have decided to combine the theoretical courses from my specialization Mechanics of Materials with some courses on material models. These courses learn me to work with an electron microscopes. This is useful knowledge for my graduation research, which includes doing tensile tests on pieces of steel 20 times thinner than a human hair. The results will be used by a large steel manufacturer for the automotive industry. This way I contribute to making cars and traffic safer.”