Master Medical Engineering

Technology in a clinical setting

Modern technology has become an inextricable part of clinical practice. Doctors use modern equipment and surgery techniques and rely on clinical decision support systems to diagnose and treat patients. It would not be possible to use all this state-of-the-art technology in clinical settings without engineers to interpret, develop and apply the new techniques in a patient-oriented manner.

This master's program is offered by the TU/e together with Maastricht University and MUMC+.

Profile of the medical engineer

Medical engineers are an integral part of medical treatment teams in hospitals and can serve as a link between hospitals, academic researchers and business.

The Medical Engineering Master’s program trains you to become a medical engineer who can fulfill an important role in any clinical setting.

NVAO accreditation

This program is legally recognized and accredited by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).