I chose the Master Medical Engineering because the projects are applied in the clinic.

Ellen Wesel, van, student

Student Medical Engineering with the specialization Cardiovascular Biomechanics.

Ellen van Wesel

MasterMedical Engineering
SpecializationCardiovascular Biomechanics
Previous education: Bachelor Biomedical Engineeringat the TU/e
Started with the Master in September 2015

Why did you choose this Master?

I chose the Master Medical Engineering (ME) because the projects are applied in the clinic. In the Master Biomedical Engineering, the projects would be more fundamental. It motivates me when I can see that my project is needed by and useful for doctors and that the applications are patient specific.

During my Bachelor’s program I liked the courses about biomechanics, therefore I wanted to do my Master’s program in a research group that specializes in biomechanics. The Master ME is not available in combination with Soft Tissue engineering and Mechanobiology, so I had to choose between Orthopedic Biomechanics and Cardiovascular Biomechanics. I enjoyed the Bachelor courses given by the cardiovascular group and did not follow many courses from the research group orthopedic biomechanics, therefore I chose Cardiovascular Biomechanics. I am now part of this group lead by prof. dr. Frans van de Vosse and want to graduate within this group.

I knew I wanted to specialize in biomechanics, this is where my interests lie and therefore I did not even look outside the department to choose a Master. I only visited the Master information meetings from our own department. My choice was eventually based on conversations with Master students and staff from the biomechanics groups.

Which courses and projects did you choose?

I chose all the courses in the field of Cardiovascular Biomechanics. Furthermore, I chose the course about Bone, Cell and Tissue mechanics, because I still think it is interesting and useful to understand the mechanics in the surrounding tissues. I also follow three courses which together make up the certificate Physics in the Clinic, among which is a course at the department of Electrical Engineering. Because ME is a combination of different engineering studies, I think it will enrich my Master with some extra depth. I am looking forward to my external internship in the autumn of 2016. Nothing is confirmed yet, but I would like to go overseas and see the other side of the world. 

What do you like about Medical Engineering?

I liked the clinical module in the first quartile. Just a small group of students joined this module and it was more practical than the courses in the Bachelor. I also liked the courses I did so far; they are not as basic as Bachelor courses and therefore they are very different from each other. This diversity is nice and makes it easier to choose a direction for a graduation project.

What will be your graduation project?

Because I chose ME, my graduation project will probably be in the clinic. I think I want to work with finite element methods, and I will know in half a year if it will be about vascular mechanics or fluid biomechanics. 

Would you like to continue your research career with a PhD or PDEng?

I think I would like a project that lasts for several years, because all the projects I did so far were really short. After three months, I felt I was not finished with my Bachelor’s End Project and thought I could have done much more. However, I am not sure and I will see what comes my way. 

Where would you like to work in the future?

I like studying at the TU/e and I think my study is passing by very quickly, so if there is a possibility to stay at the TU/e for a PhDI think I would accept it. However, if there is a nice job opportunity for me at a company, I would take it. Right now I feel like I just started my Master and I am not ready to decide what to do after my Master. I enjoy my Master so in any case I would like to work with what I have learned at the TU/e. I sometimes join career events especially for BME or organized by Protagoras

What did you do next to your study?

Next to my study I am part of the Studytour committee of Protagoras; we are organizing a studytour to China for 30 students next April. I am really looking forward to this trip and enjoy the organizing part as well. I am also in the bar committee and can easily be found on Thursday afternoons and - evenings in the bar of Protagoras ‘In Vivo’ in the basement of Gemini North, relaxing after a hard day of work. I am also in the BME team that hosts the information days at the TU/e.


January 2016