After graduation

Upon graduation the graduate is awarded the Master of Science (MSc) degree in either Electrical Engineering or Applied Physics. The COBRA group will issue a certificate that the student has completed the Master phase of the Photonics Graduate Programme.

PhD project

To continue in a subsequent PhD trajectory, the MSc student has the option of preparing a research proposal for the PhD project within the last stage of the graduation project. At this stage, the student should have acquired a sufficient overview of the research fields, as well as of the researchers, to decide where she/he would like to carry out a PhD research.

Professional perspective

When not selected or opting for a subsequent PhD trajectory, COBRA MSc graduates easily find their way in the high-tech industry. A significant fraction of them even in the local region (Brainport). The program prepares for, but is not limited to, a career in Photonics. It also is a solid foundation for a career in a broad field of high-tech innovative industry or in academia at the interface of Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering.