Program structure

The MSc programme, as embedded in the aforementioned MSc tracks, provides a solid  theoretical foundation in a series of compulsory courses on the relevant themes of:

  • Electromagnetism and Optics (Modern Physics and Optics, Waves and Antennae, Electrodynamics)
  • Materials and Devices (Electro-optic Devices, Functional Materials and Nanotechnology, Advanced Condensed Matter)
  • Computational Methods (Numerical Mathematics, Computational Physics).

The courses are formally different for the entries BTT or NANO, but the contents strongly overlap. When necessary, courses from the compulsory part of one track can be taken as elective to the other track. The electives are used to acquire a deep and cross-disciplinary knowledge of the field of the school by requiring 12 ECTS Points from courses given by the school, of which 6 must be cross-disciplinary.