Why Photonics in Eindhoven?

Why participate in the Graduate Programme  Photonics at COBRA? The excellence and comprehensive scope of COBRA is unique worldwide. An international evaluation panel has concluded that, in COBRA’s field, there are only one or two institutes with similar quality in the world. COBRA offers a state-of-the-art infrastructure to its researchers. The fabrication of devices and the design and characterization of devices and systems are all possible with the in-house infrastructure. COBRA maintains a facility in the fields of material growth, processing, lithography and ultra-high bit rate analysis for ultrafast broadband optical communication. The facility belongs to the most advanced in the world. During the Master phase of the Programme you will get the best preparation and guidance for choosing a subsequent PhD project and a PhD supervisor. It will also give you the unique opportunity to contribute to define your PhD research project, which may even imply the writing of your own research proposal. The duration for taking an independent Master and subsequent PhD is 6 years. Combining the Master and PhD, the total duration of the Photonics Graduate Program might be reduced to 5.5 years or less.

Aimed at developing professional and personal expertise students

COBRA’s research is a key pillar of European dominance in photonic integration. This could only be achieved by the coordinated efforts and excellence in materials, devices and systems research. COBRA offers a prestigious post-academic educational program for PhDs and PostDocs. The educational program is aimed at developing and expanding the professional and personal expertise of the PhD students. It consists of a wide range of workshops and training sessions for the development of general as well as specific knowledge and skills, tailored to the different stages of a PhD research project. On the one hand, it is aimed at acquiring skills to successfully complete the PhD tasks; on the other, to enhance the career prospects.

Challenging program

Recently, we have started a NWO-recognized Graduate School on Photonics in Eindhoven in order to integrate Master and PhD education into a challenging program for future students. Concomitant with the research program, COBRA’s educational task is to train a new generation of scientists, engineers and future industry leaders who will tackle the scientific and technical challenges related to size scaling and power dissipation of photonic components and networks. They will be trained in what can be considered Europe's leading hub for research in photonic integration and photonic communication systems.


COBRA is located at the heart of Brainport Eindhoven, a region with one of the highest concentrations of high-tech applied R&D in Europe (Philips Research, ASML, FEI, the High Tech Campus, and the Holst Center). The necessary international and intersectoral training for COBRA students is warranted by research collaborations with Europe's largest industrial R&D centers in the field (IBM, Oclaro, III-V Labs, ASML) and other key industrial and public research centers, so that students may acquire the wide set of expertise and competences required to drive the optics revolution in computing systems.

Specialized courses

As a research school, COBRA offers an extensive educational program to all of its PhD students, who have a four-year contract with the TU/e and are on the payroll of a COBRA group. Together with the supervisor, every PhD student will write a training and supervision plan. The program consists of Master and specialized courses organized by COBRA, the faculties of Electrical Engineering and Physics (Proof-program) and external partners. All parts of the program are also open to every postdoc affiliated to COBRA.