Double Degree

Fusion can be studied as an independent, interdisciplinary master where the emphasis is put on the integration of the knowledge, skills and competences of the areas of applied physics, electrical and mechanical engineering, relevant in the fusion research. If you cannot choose, consider the option to go for a double degree!


In the case of double degree the individual requirements of both the Fusion master and the Applied Physics’ master must be respected. For that reason, an additional programme is required, with the following conditions:

  • Total programme extended by 30 ECTS to 150 ECTS
  • Graduation Project (60 ECTS), with two supervisors (one from Fusion, one from Applied Physics) and two separate examination committees.

To obtain a double degree with mechanical engineering (ME) or electrical engineering (EE), your individual study programme must be approved by the examination committees of Fusion as well as ME or EE. No standard programme is available for this.