Research Profile

The research in the Fusion group concentrates on the control of fusion reactors and falls in two themes: sensorics and plasma surface interaction, with many cross-links and branching-outs to related fields. Besides that, we operate and exploit the student-run Fusor.


In its research, the group is tightly connected to the FOM-Institute DIFFER where many of our PhD-students are working in the frame of two FOM-programs, with FOM, TNO and NRG through the ITER-NL consortium. On-site at the TU/e, we work closely together with the other three plasma groups as well as the fluid dynamics group in applied physics, and the group control systems in the mechanical engineering department. The interfaculty collaborative research is supported with a high-potential grant from the university.

Focus areas

The Fusion group's main research topics:
• Sensorics: developing diagnostics for use in the control of a burning fusion plasma
• Plasma surface Interaction: theoretical and experimental research to the design and validation of plasma facing materials
• Fusor: research of the physics involved in fusion reactions using the Fusor, and study of its use as an effective neutron source