Study associations

Fusion Study Association "Phoenix"


In 2014 the Master program Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion became enriched with a student body, to coordinate, stimulate and initiate extracurricular events like excursions, sports activities and drinks. Its name is "Phoenix", after the mythological creature that is associated with the Sun, and arises from the ashes of its predecessor: fusion!

Team Energy


Ask any team member of Team Energy the same question: Why did you join the team? and you’ll get as many different answers as there are team members. You’ll meet students who want to make the world a better place, students who want to make the TU/e famous for energy or people who aspire a political career. The beauty of our team: there is room for any TU/e-student with a strong feeling for energy. All we ask is passion!

Logically and essentially, there are some common ideas and drivers. To quickly get to know these drivers and reasons for existence of Team Energy, we just asked ourselves the basic questions Why? How? and What?


To contribute in beating the energy challenge!


Energize the debate, organize knowledge, and increase engagement at the TU/e.


We energize the debate by, for example, organizing the Energy Cafe, where students will work on a real life case and discuss possible solution for this small scale energy problem. We organize knowledge, mainly through our website, with which we aim on creating the main energy hub at the TU/e. Finally, we want to increase engagement among TU/e-students by, for example, co-organizing the Energy Days, keep students up-to-date by sending them our newsletter, and giving all students the possibility to develop their own energy related idea within our team!

So, to sum up, Team Energy

  • organizes events related to sustainable energy,
  • promotes existing projects and initiatives,
  • extends and creates links with business,
  • creates a knowledge platform for energy,
  • connects students, professors and businesses,...

...all to create enthousiasm and speed up technological progress. Let's do this!

’Johannes Diderik van der Waals’

Van der Waals is the study association for and by Applied Physics students. It organizes several study-based and non study-based activities as well as fosters the social contacts among students.

The most well-known activity of this association is the ’Drinks’: an informal get-together every Thursday starting at 4 pm, something that has become a kind of melting pot for both students and staff at the Applied Physics department.

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Students Education Organization ’STOOR’

STOOR fosters the interests of all the department’s students via various student participation bodies and provides students with the right kind of information, such as old examination papers to optimally prepare for an examination.

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Other student assocations

Outside physics there are many active student assocations: